Potential Damages That Tree Removal Can Cause

Removing a tree can cost you anywhere from $75 to over $1,500; therefore, some people resort to DIY tree removal to cut down on the costs. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of DIY tree removal is that it can easily lead to property damage. Here are three forms of damages you may cause if you go about tree removal the wrong way:

Falling On Your Property

A huge tree can cause serious damage to your personal property if you don't remove it in the right way. Imagine a huge tree falling on your roof or car. You may have to rebuild your house or buy a new car after that. It's even worse if the damage is done to your neighbor's property, for example, if you cut down a tree and it falls on your neighbor's roof.  In such a case, you may be legally required to reimburse your neighbor for the damage. Your neighbor's insurance only pays for the damage if the tree falls through nobody's fault—for example, if a freak storm causes it.

Falling On Power Lines

When a tree falls on and damages the power lines, it can cause an electrical malfunction that may damage electrical appliances in your neighborhood or even cause injuries. Also, both you and your neighbors may be left without power for some time.

This is why individuals aren't allowed to cut down trees near power lines without contacting the power companies. When you contact the power company, it will analyze the dangers and advise you whether it is safe to remove the tree. In some cases, the power company will also remove the tree on its own. You may be fined for your negligence if you don't make the notification.

Damage to Underground Utility Lines

The potential damages aren't confined to above ground items; even underground objects may be affected. This is because tree removal, especially for large trees, is usually followed by stump removal. Most stump removal methods involve digging around the stump to cut off its roots. This can cause damage to underground utility lines such as underground power lines and water pipes. This may leave you without essential service, for example, you may be without water for some time.

Think carefully before going ahead with DIY tree removal. If you can't guarantee a damage-free process, leave it up to the experts. Apart from their expertise and skills that reduce the risk of damage, the professionals also have relevant insurance coverage that may come in handy in the case of damage. For more information, contact a business such as Hodgson's Expert Tree Service.