Have Timber, Will Sell: What To Do When You Have No Cash And Acres Of Trees

If you bought several acres of wooded land, you probably did so because you love all those trees. However, you may find at some point in your life that money is short and tight, and now what do you do? You do not want to sell off your land, piece by piece. Thankfully, if you are willing to part with some of your trees, you can make the money you need and still keep your land. Here is how.

Sell to a Timber Company

Timber companies are always looking to expand, looking to find more resources and looking to pay top dollar to keep ahead of their competition. Often, they will sign contracts with property owners who have a lot of trees and/or a lot of valuable heartwood timber. (Heartwood is a really old wood found in the hearts/cores of trees that are several hundred years old. It is valued for its age and hardness, which cannot be found in younger trees.) You could easily find a couple of competing timber companies and come up with a great offer to allow one of them to harvest trees off of your property. Additionally, if you only want the really old and/or really sick trees cut down, you can make that part of your contract.

Reinvesting in the Land

Not only do you get the money you needed from allowing a timber company to harvest trees from your property, but you may also get a little something extra. Most timber companies are required to plant a young tree in the same area from which they have already cut down an older tree. It is part of a land harvesting and restoration project by the Departments of Natural Resources and Agriculture in most states.

While you signed a contract to have your trees harvested, the timber company will not only give you cash, but they also will put back a young tree for each of the old trees they take from your property. It is kind of a win-win-win in that you get the money you need, the timber company gets the wood resources they want, and nature gets a bunch of newer, healthier trees growing to provide shelter and shade for wildlife. If you are strapped for cash but reluctant to "scar" the land, you can ease your conscience in knowing that the trees will be put back and will create a healthier wooded area in the process.

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