4 Reasons To Quickly Remove Leftover Tree Stumps In Your Backyard

Some backyard chores and to-do list items seem easy to put off. When a tree stump is sitting in your backyard, it seems like a project that can be put off for a little while. While the tree may not longer be there, a leftover stump can actually create more problems than you expect. Instead of putting off the stump removal, you can hire professional tree service companies to complete the task as soon as possible. There are four benefits to getting these stumps removed quickly. By browsing through each benefit, you can see how disasters can occur if the stump were to stay in place for elongated periods of time.

Tree Sprouting

A tree stump may look like just a dead piece of wood in your yard, but tree life always manages to find a way. Within a few weeks after the tree has been cut, new trees or plants may grow right out of the stump. This is known as tree sprouting. Not only can it regrow the initial tree that was there, but multiple plants and trees can end up growing in the same location. When tree sprouts grow, they extend roots through your lawn. These roots can feed off of the nutrients and possibly cause other plants to wither or die out. When a tree is cut down, you should hire stump removal services within the same week. These services will help you grind down the stump and ensure that nothing new grows in its place. If the sprouts have started growing, they will also be removed as part of the process.

Root Growth

On the surface level, the tree stump does not typically change or grow. Underneath the ground, roots may still grow and extend as they desperately search for water and nutrients. The expanded root growth can create several problems, especially if they extend towards underground piping or an area like a septic tank. Stump removal is not just about grinding down the surface level. Professional stump removers will help eliminate the whole root system that the tree created. This also includes roots poking up out of the ground. By removing these roots, you can have a nice and flat backyard area that is ideal for landscaping and enjoying all types of activities.

Ant Infestation

At some point, a tree stump may finally die and start to decay. The decaying wood is a huge attractant to insects like ants. Leaving the stumps on your property for too long can cause an ant infestation. One of the worst ants to worry about is the carpenter ant. These ants feed on wood and build large nests inside of the tree stumps. As the infestations grow, the ants can start seeking more sources of food like your own home. Hire a stump removal company early on to prevent the arrival of ants. Eliminating any attractants to your home is the best way to prevent pest problems for the future.

Liability Hazards

Keeping a stump in your yard comes with many hassles, but it can also have a financial impact. If friends or family come over to visit, they could easily trip over the stump and get injured. If this is the case, then your home owner's insurance would most likely have to pay for their medical bills. If the injury is really bad, someone could even take you to court for a negligence settlement case. Being proactive about your tree stump is the best way to increase safety and prevent injuries from occurring. It can also help prevent you from getting injured. If you get injured, then you can end up paying out of pocket costs for medical treatments. Instead, you can put a fraction of that money into removing the stump.

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