How A Tree Service Company Helps Save Your Mature Trees

When you think of a tree service company, you may imagine workers that trim or remove trees. While these are two important tasks needed for tree care on your property, a tree service company can also do other things that keep your trees healthy so they can live long lives. Here are some types of care your trees might need besides trimming and pruning. Treatment For Diseases And Pests Just like other living things, a tree can succumb to disease.

4 Mistakes You're Making That Are Helping Weeds Thrive In Your Lawn

Has your yard seen better days? If weeds are beginning to overgrow your lawn, you may be wondering what you've done wrong. You've mowed diligently and made your best attempt at achieving a lush, green lawn. Still, your efforts have been for nothing. Before you resign to having a weed-infested lawn, consider whether you may be making any of these common lawn care mistakes that could be causing weeds to grow and thrive on your property.

Trees In Your Yard? Why You Should Hire An Arborist

Having trees in your yard is beneficial for so many different reasons. Not only do they provide you with shade on those days when the sun is beaming down from its great height, they also give your property an idyllic look that can do wonders for your curb appeal. However, you may not have realized the full potential of the trees on your lawn. While they are certainly naturally beautiful, there's so much more to be uncovered.

What You Need To Know About Stem Girdling In Trees

Stem girdling is an interesting name, because it isn't a stem doing the girdling of the tree – it's the roots. Roots are the support system for your tree; without them, your tree would come crashing to the ground. Unfortunately, stem girdling affects a tree from the very start of its life. Even if your tree is well established, you can help to nurture a tree with stem girdling. It Starts At The Beginning

Caring For Your Pecan Tree: A Homeowner's Guide

Pecan trees add beauty to your yard with their springtime flowers, and they add flavor to your meals with their nuts, which ripen in the fall. However, like most nut trees, pecan trees require quite a bit of care if you want them to stay healthy and produce a lot of tasty nuts. Follow these four tips to take better care of your pecan tree: Have an expert trim it.