4 Mistakes You're Making That Are Helping Weeds Thrive In Your Lawn

Has your yard seen better days? If weeds are beginning to overgrow your lawn, you may be wondering what you've done wrong. You've mowed diligently and made your best attempt at achieving a lush, green lawn. Still, your efforts have been for nothing. Before you resign to having a weed-infested lawn, consider whether you may be making any of these common lawn care mistakes that could be causing weeds to grow and thrive on your property.

Mowing Grass Too Short

When you mow, how short do you cut the grass? Mowing your grass too short leaves soil exposed, making it more likely that seeds from unwanted plants will end up germinating there. Keeping your grass to about 2.5 inches will provide that added barrier of protection against weeds while keeping your lawn looking great.

Bagging Your Lawn Clippings

Did you know that your yard's own grass clippings are your best defense against weeds, and one of the best types of fertilization for healthy grass? If you've been bagging your grass clippings or raking them up after you mow, think again. So long as the clippings are relatively short and don't fall in clumps, they'll actually benefit your yard if you leave them where they fall.

Failing to Fertilize

In addition to fertilizing your lawn with clippings, you should also take steps to fertilize your lawn as needed throughout the year with a trusted lawn fertilizer suited for the type of grass on your lawn. Generally, fertilizing should take place twice a year: once during the spring and once during the fall months. Fertilizers are formulated to protect against weeds and encourage healthy grass growth, which is your yard's best defense against weeds.

Watering Too Frequently

The more you water your grass, the better...right? Not necessarily. Over-watering can actually encourage weed growth. Rather than watering frequently, you should wait until the top couple of inches of soil have visibly dried out before completing a deep irrigation. This method is not only easier and less time consuming for you, but is the most effective in maintaining a healthy lawn free of weeds.

Weeds can be very frustrating, especially when you feel like you're taking all the right steps to protect and care for your lawn. Still, these are some common mistakes that can hinder your progress, so if you're guilty of any of these, now is the time to correct your ways. Contact a service, like Ross Tree Company, for help.