How to Add More Value to Your Rental Property and Quickly Attract Tenants by Adding Plants

If you're like most people that are putting a rental home on the market, you likely want to do what you can to increase your property value and attract tenants fast so the place doesn't sit empty long. You can implement the following tips and tricks to get the job done. Landscape with New Trees You can expect to increase your rental's overall property value by up to 20 percent when landscaping with a few new trees.

4 Reasons To Quickly Remove Leftover Tree Stumps In Your Backyard

Some backyard chores and to-do list items seem easy to put off. When a tree stump is sitting in your backyard, it seems like a project that can be put off for a little while. While the tree may not longer be there, a leftover stump can actually create more problems than you expect. Instead of putting off the stump removal, you can hire professional tree service companies to complete the task as soon as possible.