How A Tree Service Company Helps Save Your Mature Trees

When you think of a tree service company, you may imagine workers that trim or remove trees. While these are two important tasks needed for tree care on your property, a tree service company can also do other things that keep your trees healthy so they can live long lives. Here are some types of care your trees might need besides trimming and pruning.

Treatment For Diseases And Pests

Just like other living things, a tree can succumb to disease. Fungal infections are common in trees when their bark is stripped or when a branch is not cut properly. Pests can also be a huge problem in trees. The pests burrow inside the trees or get under the bark and cause damage. When trees are weakened by an infestation or infection, they are at risk of falling or splitting during high winds. They can become a danger on your property. Not only that, trees can spread pests and diseases to each other so your entire property is at risk when you have a sick tree. A tree care specialist can treat pests and infections so your tree can heal and become healthy again. Plus, when a professional prunes or trims a healthy tree, proper techniques are used so the bark isn't damaged in such a way that makes a tree vulnerable to disease.

Bracing For Stabilization

When a mature tree is damaged by wind or lightning, it doesn't always mean the tree has to be cut down. A tree service can help you save your tree in some cases. It is usually necessary to stabilize the tree in some way so it doesn't continue to split apart. This can be done with chains, ropes, and anchors. Ropes can hold split areas onto the main trunk of the tree. This type of tree care isn't always possible because safety of your property and people is the most important consideration. However, if you have a tree you love and it isn't near your house or parking area, a professional may be able to stabilize it so it can still stand up to strong winds even though it has some damage as long as the tree is otherwise healthy.

Deciding whether to cut down a damaged or sick tree can be difficult. Mature trees add value to your property and it takes many years to replace one since trees grow slowly. A professional can help you decide if a tree can be saved and what steps need to be taken. If it's possible to save your tree, you may be able to enjoy its beauty and shade for many more years to come.