4 Questions To Answer Before Cutting Down A Tree

If you have a tree that you need to cut down, here are four questions that you need to ask and answer before you proceed with cutting down a tree. These questions will help you determine how much of the tree you need to cut and how to approach cutting down the tree.

Question #1: Does The Tree Lean?

The first question that you need to ask yourself is if the tree leans in one direction over another. If the tree leans to the right, for example, that is the direction you are going to want the tree to fall since it is naturally leaning that way anyways. Be sure to stand far away from the tree when you inspect it for a slight lean and look at the tree from different angles to make sure that you spot any lean in the tree.

Question #2: Are There Any Dead Or Damaged Branches?

Second, you need to figure out if there are any dead or damaged branches on the tree. Dead branches will not have any new growth on them, and will look like they are still dormant from the winter time. Damaged branches should be easy to spot, these are just branches that have cracked off or are broken in half.

You want to spot and identify these branches to ensure that you don't try to stand on these branches when you scale the tree to cut it down. These should be the first branches that you remove from the tree.

Question #3: Do Any Nearby Trees Intersect With The Tree?

Third, inspect the tree to figure out if any branches from nearby trees overlap with the branches of the tree that you want to cut down. If they do, you are going to want to trim those branches before you cut down the target tree. That way, the target tree that you cut down will not get entangled or damage nearby trees.

Question #4: Is There Any Open Areas Around The Tree?

Finally, look around and see if there are any open areas near the tree. If there are any open areas where there are not buildings, other structures, or trees nearby, that should be the direction that you aim to bring the tree down in. You want to fall the tree in an area where it will not harm anything else. If you can't bring down the entire tree in a safe area, you may need to cut it down piece by piece so that nothing nearby gets damaged. 

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