Want to Plant a New Tree? Make Sure to Consider the Lesser-Known Details

When you become a homeowner, it is easy to get excited about all the control that you have. The first thing that you may want to do with the backyard is plant a tree and watch it grow over time. But, you must consider the fact that your decision-making in this situation can have long-term consequences. It is best to work with a tree service company and research various specifics before moving forward. 

Crown Spread

One detail that you must always consider with trees is the crown spread. For instance, you may think that it is perfectly safe to plant a tree just five or ten feet away from your property, but this could lead to roof and gutter damage if it ends up growing to full maturity and the crown starts hitting your property. This would require you to continuously trim the branches that are growing in the wrong direction. It is best to either pick a tree that will not get in the way or give the tree that you want enough room to grow.

Root Depth

Another detail that can make a huge difference on your experience with planting a tree is root depth. If you plant a deep-rooted tree in the wrong area, you may end up with costly repairs later. It is also possible for shallow roots to be problematic because they can pull up things like the sidewalk and other plants. You may want to give the tree you end up planting plenty of space to spread its wings.


While not all trees are going to have a lot of droppings that need to be cleaned up, you must watch out for tree beauty taking priority over learning everything that you can about a tree. The Magnolia tree is a perfect example of an incredible-looking tree that drops so much it may not be worth planting. Its pods and leaves can be enough to warrant hiring a professional to take care of your yard. This means you should make an honest effort to find trees or ask about native ones that do not require so much maintenance.

Working with a tree care company like Brown's Tree Service will help you learn about trees you can try growing in your area. Making sure not to forget about the minor details will help you when it comes to deciding on a tree, especially when it comes to things as influential as the tree roots and crown spread.