Why You Should Budget Extra Money When You Want To Install A Fence

Installing a beautiful privacy fence is an exciting event. It means that you will have greater security in your own yard as well as more privacy in your home. However, as you budget for the cost of your fence, its related supplies and its installation, you should budget a few thousand extra. There are many other related projects that homeowners forget to consider and which require attention, namely tree removal and what happens after the fact. 

Tree Removal

Homeowners get gung-ho about installing a fence but completely forget that trees on or near the property line are going to get in the way. They only realize the problem when the fence installation crew comes to the part of the property where the trees and/or the roots are in the way of installing one or more sections of fence. Your fence installation is then delayed until you resolve the tree issue. Depending on the height, girth and number of trees you have on the edges of your property, you should budget an extra couple thousand dollars just for a tree, stump and root removal service, like Gene's Tree Service.

Hiring a Surveyor

After you have had trees removed from your property, you should hire a surveyor to reassess the property. He or she can then mark (with orange spray paint) exactly where the property lines are in relation to the empty spots left behind by the missing trees. This ensures that the installation of your fence not only continues, but that it lays within your property's boundaries. Additionally, you reap the benefit of finding out how the trees would have seriously impeded the installation of the fence with where the trees originally stood. A surveyor charges almost as much, sometimes more than a plumber or electrician per hour.


With the absence of the trees and the completed installation of your fence, you may want to add some trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers back into the landscape along the fence. This also requires a couple thousand dollars, and the expert advice of a landscaper to make sure your new trees do not grow to the point that they uproot or knock over the fence a few decades from now. You may want to find creative ways to fill in the holes left behind by the removal of the old trees as well. The landscaper can provide you with lots of attractive solutions, from flowering bushes to water gardens filled with koi fish.