Remove A Tree To Make Room For A Healthy Garden

When you bought your home, you may not have had any intentions to do much in the backyard. This may have made you feel comfortable enough to purchase a home with a small backyard. After a few years, the idea of starting a garden and tending to it during the growing season may have piqued your interest. If there is a growing tree in your yard that is only allowing for minimal space for your garden, you may be debating whether you should try to work around it or remove the tree and have a larger space to grow. Hiring a tree removal company to have the tree removed is a smart decision for several reasons.

Keep Roots from Soaking Up Nutrients

The problem with having a tree that is still growing on your property is that it will continue to need water and nutrients from the ground. This can get in the way of growing your garden and having success. It may not be easy to tell where the roots are when they are spread all over the yard and deep under the surface. The tree roots may end up soaking up the nutrients that your garden plants need to thrive. Removing the tree will prevent this from being an issue and as a result lead to more reliable growth with your garden.

Avoid Overpowering Roots

Another situation that could occur if you decided to leave the tree is the roots taking over the garden. After devoting a certain area of the yard to gardening, you may find the roots overpowering the area. A strong tree with invasive roots will make it difficult for delicate plants to grow in your garden. It can also be hard to tell why your plants are not growing that well if there is nothing to see on the surface.

Prevent Droppings from Smothering

When you have a tree growing over your garden, it is possible for its droppings to smother the garden. If you are not consistent with your efforts in removing tree litter from the garden plants, they may struggle to get the sunlight and strength that they need to survive and provide you with something to harvest. It is also possible for the tree to keep growing and prevent your plants from getting valuable sunlight.

While a healthy and growing tree may look great in your yard, you should not hesitate to remove it if you are determined to start your own garden.

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