Landscaping For Landlords: 4 Advantages To Hiring A Service

It can be difficult for landlords to keep tenants on the ball when it comes to landscaping. Some tenants simply don't know how to maintain landscaping, while others can't find the time. Luckily, there are professional landscaping services available. Here are some benefits.

1. You Won't Experience Significant Damage

Landscaping damage can be costly. Tenants can let your grass or trees die, which will require replacement before new tenants come in. This damage occurs over time, but it can still happen between inspections.

If you have a tenant who has repeatedly refused to do the proper landscaping maintenance on your property, you can always suggest that you hire a landscaping service instead. On the other hand, if you've just installed expensive landscaping, you may want to get a landscaper from the start. 

2. You Can Get a Better Class of Tenant

Valuable tenants are often looking for properties that they don't have to maintain. You may be able to roll in the cost of landscaping simply by providing it, though of course, the area that you're in matters. A middle class, upper to middle class, or luxury area is more likely to have tenants looking for these types of amenities. If your property is in a cheaper area, you may not want the additional expense.

3. You Will Reduce Your Liability

There are elements of landscaping that aren't purely aesthetic; they actually relate to the danger of your property. By trimming back bushes, landscapers can reduce your fire risk and your risk of termites. By tending to trees, landscapers reduce the chances that a dead branch or sick tree could come down on your house or your neighbors. Even by cutting the grass, landscapers reduce risk, as freshly cut grass is less likely to harbor dangerous animals such as snakes.

4. You Can Improve Your Property Value

Good landscaping doesn't just maintain a property. It improves a property's value. A landscaper can successfully grow large, mature trees that will make your property more desirable. They can also pay attention to things such as flower beds and growing bushes; things that add value to a property but that a tenant isn't going to realistically maintain. If you want to sell your property eventually, landscaping helps.

Being a landlord is all about risk and reward. Though hiring a landscaper may mean some money out of pocket, it reduces the potential for significant costs later on.