3 Reasons You Need To Hire A Professional Tree Trimmer

The trees in your yard provide shade in the summer and a home for wildlife, they create beauty all year long, and they keep the air clean. In return for the benefits your trees bring you, you should keep them healthy and trimmed when necessary. If you are not sure whether you should trim a tree or let just it grow, here are some tips to help you determine when to have professional tree trimming done.

Limb Trimming

As your trees ages, it can be common for limbs to die off due to one reason or another. Sometimes an extremely cold winter or a harsh ice storm can kill parts of your tree, requiring a safe removal of the dead limbs. Or if you have a fruit tree, you will want to prune it for an optimal fruit crop harvest.

A tree trimming expert will trim off the dead limbs at the base of their growth to promote the health of your tree. If a limb is cut off at an improper angle or leaves too much of the dead stump, it can cause more harm to your tree.


When one of your yard trees has begun to grow closer to your home, it can put your home at risk of damage and will need to be professionally trimmed back to prevent this. If part of the tree were to fall upon your roof, for example, or a branch continually scratches the side or roof of your home, it will leave damage. And if a tree in your yard is growing up and over your roof, its leaves and twigs can fall upon and collect on your roof, bringing a potential for moisture damage to the roof's layers and clogging of your roof gutters. 

Diseased Tree

If you catch a health problem in your tree early on, you can hire an arborist to treat your tree and remove any insect infestation or disease. Unfortunately, sometimes a tree in your yard will become unhealthy and worsen beyond any means to save its life due to an advanced disease or age. A tree removal professional can safely remove the entire tree with the proper safety equipment and by disassembling the tree one piece at a time.

After they remove the trunk and cut it to the level of the soil, they can use a stump grinder to turn the stump and its roots system into wood chips within the soil. This restores your soil to a nutrient-filled condition, so you can plant another tree or other vegetation in its spot.