3 Important Reasons To Hire A Landscape Maintenance Service For Your Yard

Did you somehow wind up with the worst-looking yard on the block? Are you wondering why your grass is always looking brown and your shrubs seem to be dead or dying? It's an unfortunate fact of life that some people simply don't have a green thumb. No matter what you do, it seems to be the wrong thing. Even when it's completely different than what you were trying before. But even when you don't have a green thumb, you can always hire someone who does. Some things that hiring a professional will help you with include: 

1. Watering schedule: Whether you have a sprinkler system installed or you're still using a sprinkler connected to a hose, you can't simply turn on the water a few times a week at random intervals and expect everything to be fine. Different types of plants have different needs for water that can vary depending not only on the type of plant in question but also the soil on your property. Professional landscape maintenance services will be able to devise a schedule that will fit the needs of your lawn and garden. In some cases, this might mean more water, but it might also mean less frequent waterings.

2. Fertilizer: All living things need nutrients to grow, and plants are no exception. Unlike animals that can wander around until they find something nutritious to eat, plants are stuck with whatever is in the soil nearby. This also means that the soil can get depleted of certain nutrients but may have plenty of some other nutrients, perhaps even too much. Landscape maintenance services can test the soil to find out if you're lacking in nitrogen, potassium, or other nutrients. If the soil is low on any of these, they can also add the correct fertilizer necessary for optimum plant growth. 

3. Pruning/trimming: Proper pruning, trimming, and mowing is an essential aspect of lawn & garden care. If you trim or mow too much, the grass or plant will have a difficult time recovering and may even die. If you do not remove enough growth, the plant or plants in question will soon look wild and overgrown. Neither option is desirable when you're wanting to turn your property into a more aesthetically-pleasing one. Fortunately, the employees of landscape maintenance services have been trained in exactly how much is just right to remove without damaging anything or causing your yard to look like an overgrown jungle.