Want To Improve Shade And Privacy? Start With Tree Removal

When you look around your property, you may realize that you do not have much shade or privacy. If you are interested in improving these qualities of your property, you should think about all the ways that you can go about accomplishing this goal. While trees are a great way to gain both shade and privacy, you may find that your trees are not helping in these categories.

If you want to enjoy benefits from trees, you may need to invest in tree removal service.

Nonideal Location

One of the reasons that your trees may not be helping is due to their location. For instance, you may have trees that are positioned near where you spend a decent amount of time, but they may not block much sunlight due to their specific location. However, you may not be able to plant any other trees in the surrounding area because they could collide with your existing trees.

A reliable solution is to remove the trees that are nor providing you with much shade or privacy and then work with tree service professionals to grow trees in better locations.

Sparse Canopy

Along with nonideal locations, you may have trees with sparse canopies. If they are not bushy enough to keep you from being able to see straight through them, you cannot expect them to provide you with reliable shade or privacy. If you have neighbors with multi-story homes, you will appreciate trees with thick canopies that can provide complete privacy from the windows.

In this situation, you will want to remove any trees without much of a canopy and then work towards growing saplings that can give you the privacy that you want in several years.

Slow Growth

While you may intend on living in your home for a long time, you may not want to wait a decade or two for a tree to grow tall and thick enough to give you what you need. This is when you should consider removing trees with extremely slow growth and planting faster growing trees.

Although slow-growing trees often excel at providing shade and some fast-growing trees are not that thick and bushy, you can work with professionals to find an ideal balance.

Making a noticeable improvement to the shade and privacy may be something that will take a few years after investing in tree removal, but you can look forward to excellent results when you follow the tree removal up with strategical planting.