3 Reasons To Call A Tree Service Professional About A Sickly Tree

Are you worried about a tree that is growing on your property? Is it no longer as lush or as healthy-looking as it once was? For many people, the first stop when they have an issue with their tree is to head straight to their local lawn & garden center. This can be a great way to maintain a healthy tree, but you really should call in a professional to care for a tree that doesn't seem to be doing so well. Some things that might be wrong with your tree that will take a professional diagnosis include:

Pest infestation: There are many different pests that can claim the lives of once-healthy trees. For small trees, a heavy infestation of aphids or some other otherwise-innocuous sap-sucking insect can be devastating. For larger trees, there are different types of beetles that can lay their eggs on the bark and then eat their way into the heart of the tree. The average person might be able to make a guess as to what type of insect they're dealing with, but consulting a tree service professional is going to be the best way to confirm whether you're correct and what type of treatment will actually eliminate the pest.

Disease: A lot of tree diseases can look like or start out as an insect infestation. So even if you are able to get rid of the insects your tree might not recover as you'd expect. What you might take to be signs of insects eating part of the tree might actually be a sign that some bacteria or fungus has taken hold in your tree. A tree service professional will be able to tell you if you're dealing with tree rust or perhaps something else entirely. Since treatments can vary wildly depending on what disease a tree has, it's important to know what's going on before you waste money on unnecessary treatments.

Nutrients: Grass and other similarly fast-growing plants will quickly show a lack of nutrients in the soil where they're growing but this isn't necessarily true of trees. Trees grow much more slowly and it may take years for them to show signs of various nutrient deficiencies. When they do, the yellowed or wilting leaves can easily be mistaken for something else. One of the first things that an experienced tree service professional will do is to take a soil sample to make sure that the nutrient levels are correct for the type of tree that you have. If the levels are off, he or she can recommend a fertilizer to use to enhance the health of your tree while the two of you are tackling any other issues that your tree might be facing.

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