Get Tree Removal Service to Start a Backyard Garden With Confidence

While living in a rental and envisioning yourself as a homeowner, you may have envisioned a backyard garden that you maintain over the years. Although you may not yet have a garden, you may feel like you are ready to add this feature and give new plants your care and attention.

If you live on a property with a small- to medium-sized backyard, you may not have an empty area where you can start gardening without a problem. Investing in a tree removal service is something that you may need to do to prepare your backyard for the beginning of a healthy garden.

1. Shade

One of the greatest problems of trying to keep plants healthy is giving them enough sunlight every day. Fortunately, you should not find it too hard to decide whether a backyard tree will create this kind of problem by casting a ton of shade over the garden with branches and leaves. If you know that tree trimming is not going to be enough to allow enough sunlight through, you should look into tree removal over attempting to find a less than ideal spot for the garden.

2. Debris

In some cases, you may find that a nearby tree will not pose a problem regarding shade, but it can come with other issues such as creating a lot of debris. If you know that the tree debris will get into the garden area because of where the debris falls to the ground currently, you should not hesitate to remove the tree. This is a crucial step because you do not want your new and delicate plants being smothered by leaves, twigs, and seeds. 

3. Fencing

While you do not need to build a fence around your garden, you may want to add this particular feature to maximize protection for your plants. This can come in handy for keeping rabbits and other small animals out of the garden, especially if you use the fence to add overhead netting. A tree might not become a problem for the plants, but you may find that tree removal is the smartest solution when the fence is at risk of sustaining damage. A growing tree's branches could end up colliding with the fence and start to cause picket damage or structural problems.

If you want to start a backyard garden with complete confidence, you should know when tree removal is a smart service to get before starting. Learn more by contacting services like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc.