5 Reasons To Invest In Annual Tree Service

Trees may seem like they need little more than periodic watering, but postponing annual professional care can result in major problems. Ideally, a tree service should assess and tend to the trees at least once a year.

1. Ensure a Healthy Form

A healthy mature form for a tree requires one thing before all else — proper pruning. Saplings should be pruned annually beginning early spring after planting. Your tree service will prune the tree to a single strong trunk and a balanced lattice of lateral branches. Following this initial prune, annual pruning will maintain this healthy shape so the tree remains balanced and attractive over its long life.

2. Catch Problems Early

Pests and disease organisms can kill a tree quickly, and once you notice a problem it could be too late. A professional service or skilled arborist has the knowledge and skills to recognize the earliest signs of pest and disease problems on your trees. This means they can begin treatment before the damage has become so severe that the tree must be removed. A service also knows the most commons issues in your area and can perform preventative treatments to protect the trees.

3. Prevent Dangerous Situations

A unhealthy and dying can be dangerous. Large dead branches can cause major injury to someone below if they break and fall. Tree branches can also grow into power lines and pose a hazard, or overhang a home and cause damage to windows, siding, and roofs. Annual tree service catches these issues and remedies them before they become a hazard.

4. Maintain Desired Size

A tree that is too large for its space can cause damage to the house, overhang neighboring yards, or result in over-shading of the lawn. It's nearly impossible to rein in the size of a tree once it becomes way too big, but you can slow the growth and help keep the tree at a manageable size by pruning it annually. Your tree service will work with the natural form of the tree to keep it both attractive and at a better size spread.

5. Minimize Storm Damage

Storms can cause major damage to trees. Generally, weak branches are most affected. Those that rub together, are too long and heavy, or that split from the trunk at too severe of an angle can break off or even split the trunk. Annual tree care means these branches are discovered and pruned away before a storm causes them to break off and cause severe tree damage.

Contact a tree service in your area if you would like more assistance with your tree care needs.