Tree Removal: 3 Methods That Tree Professionals Use To Remove Tree Stumps

Trees help store carbon, stabilize the soil and also provide shelter for wild animals. If you plant them in your yard, they will provide shade, reduce the need to keep your AC on all the time, and add beauty to your yard. So you need to take good care of them, otherwise, they will die and you might have to eliminate them. After tree removal, the stump remains standing, which can be a tripping hazard or may regrow in an unappealing way. It may also attract insects once it begins rotting, so you need to have it removed immediately. Below are a few ways to remove the stumps.

Digging the Stump Out

The first tree removal method is digging the stump out. This procedure mainly works for trees that are not that big, which means the roots are not as deep. The removal company will start by digging around the stump to expose as many roots as possible. Once that is done, the experts will cut the roots to free the stump using a saw. Finally, they will use a shovel to pull it off the ground and carry it from your property. 

Using a Tree Grinder

Tree removers have to wear protective clothing, and they also have to cover their hands, ears, and eyes. That is because stump grinding is a bit more dangerous, given the roots are usually deeper. The machine usually grinds from the top of the stump down to the roots. Generally, this process is faster than digging the stump out.

Make the Stumps Rot

Unlike the previous methods, rotting a tree down requires a lot of patience as it may take several months for the process to be complete. Here, the experts may use either potassium nitrate or high nitrogen fertilizer. However, there are other alternatives, such as bleach or Epsom salt. Each of these chemicals decomposes the tree at different rates. They start the process by cutting the stump shorter to accelerate the rotting process. They drill holes, fill them with the preferable chemical, and cover them with a tarp. They also cover the surrounding with mulch. Over time, the tree will soften. However, the experts will repeat the process if the tree does not rot after the first round. 

Talk to a tree removal company on available stump removal options, including the disadvantages of each method. Then, after the stump is gone, you can grow grass in that area then use it for anything you like. Reach out to a tree removal service near you to learn more.