3 Ways A Residential Tree Trimming Service Can Improve The Appearance And Health Of Your Trees

Keeping the trees trimmed on your property isn't always easy. Branches are hard to reach, and if they are very thick, they can be difficult to cut. However, you can't let your trees grow wild or they could grow into your roof or power lines. Fortunately, you can hire a residential tree trimming service to keep your trees under control. Here are some things they can do.

1. Raise The Canopy

If you have to deal with trimming back branches every year, talk to your tree trimming service about raising the canopy of the tree. They can remove lower branches near the trunk so the canopy won't grow against your roof. If the canopy is high enough, the branches won't grow against anything and cause problems. This could eliminate the need to have your trees trimmed every year to keep them away from your house.

2. Thin The Canopy

If there are several trees in your yard, it may be difficult to find patches of sun. If you like to hang clothes outside, grow vegetables, or just have a place in the sun where you can lounge and stay warm, you may want the tree trimming service to thin the canopy. This involves removing some of the inner branches to let more sun filter to the ground.

This can even make your trees healthier since the trunk will get more sun rather than being in shade all of the time. The increased sunlight might even help control algae and mold growth that gives your property a musty odor.

3. Control The Growth Of Your Trees

It's important to trim trees when they're young so you can control their growth. This is even more important for trees that send out branches in random, rather than symmetrical, patterns. By trimming back branches that grow down or straight rather than up, your trees will be more attractive and less troublesome when they are mature.

Lopsided trees can be a hazard in storms. Branches can even scrape against each other when the wind blows if they are too close. A residential tree trimming service has the experience to know what branches are problematic and need to go so the tree is safe to have in your yard and so the tree stays healthy.

Trimming branches when they're fairly small and easy to handle is the best option, but if the branches get big, a tree trimming service can still remove them with a saw rather than loppers. Removing a limb and all the branches it holds could improve the sunlight and ventilation around the tree and enhance the appearance of your property too.

Contact a residential tree trimming service if you have questions.