Adding a New Backyard Feature? 4 Reasons to Get Tree Removal Services

After living in your home for several years, you may start to desire features that your property does not have. Fortunately, being a homeowner means that you can work on these additions and changes to satisfy your changing and growing demands. Before adding a backyard feature, you may need to use tree removal services to fully prepare and enjoy the new feature. 


Branches are a potential issue if they hang over the new feature. For instance, a feature where your family spends a lot of time can turn these branches into an injury risk. The branches can snap on their own or on a windy day, and a family member enjoying the feature might get hurt.

Removing a tree with branches growing close to your new feature is an easy solution. You can then look forward to adding the feature and using it regularly without concern.


One of the reasons to remove a tree is when its growth negatively impacts the new feature. For instance, you want to get rid of growing trees that eventually get in the way. The roots may continue to expand and cause damage to a garden, pool, retaining wall, or water feature.

Dealing with the tree later when it becomes a problem is an option, but you will find it easier and safer to remove before adding a new backyard feature nearby.


Debris can get in the way of enjoying a new feature. For instance, you might not want to spend a lot of time cleaning up flowers, leaves, seeds, and twigs before using the new feature.

Sometimes, the debris is a bigger concern because it can cause problems. The plants in a garden can become smothered with debris and not get enough sun or water to grow. This would require you to constantly clean up the debris to maintain your garden's health. Even a pool can run into issues because the drainage and filter can get clogged quickly and easily.

Remove the messiest trees near your new feature to keep these problems to a minimum.


Shade from backyard trees is sometimes desirable, especially in areas where you like to spend time during the summer. However, shade can be undesirable depending on the situation. Direct sunlight can increase your pool's water temperature and keep you warm while swimming.

Getting rid of backyard trees for these strategic reasons will give you the confidence to add a backyard feature and enjoy it fully. For more information, reach out to a company such as A.W.D. Tree Service Inc.