When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

Removing a tree from your property isn't an easy decision. Trees are beautiful, they purify the air, they create shade, and they attract beautiful birds. However, there are situations when cutting down a tree is the safest and most sensible thing to do. Keep reading as this post discusses four situations when tree removal is necessary.

The Tree Is Dead or Dying 

If your tree has fungus growth, bare branches, damaged roots, or trunk damage, it could be dying or dead. A dead tree is a serious safety risk because it could fall at any time. Besides, if a disease has caused the tree to die, the disease could spread to other trees or plants within your property. Prevent that from happening by removing the dead or dying tree as soon as possible. 

The Tree Is Dangerous

Any tree that poses a danger to you, your loved ones, or even nearby structures like your house and garage should be removed. For example, if a tree grows too close to your home, some of its branches or limbs could damage your house when blown off by strong winds. You don't have to wait until an ugly incident happens to take action, so go ahead and seek tree removal services. 

Here are other examples of dangerous trees:

  • Trees with leaning trunks
  • Trees with broken branches or loosely attached limbs
  • Trees with invasive roots (for instance, roots that can tear up underground pipes, pavements, or your home's foundation)
  • Trees with rotten stems, limbs, and roots
  • Trees growing near power lines

Sometimes, some of these problems can be solved through non-destructive methods like trimming, bracing, or cabling. Let a qualified arborist assess your tree and advise you on the right cause of action. 

The Tree Stands in the Way of Construction

Perhaps you're planning to build a new structure or expand an existing one. The area you have set aside for the construction may have a tree or several trees. If getting another area for construction isn't an option, you'll need to remove those trees. 

Also, consider removing the trees that may affect the working efficiency of your construction workers. For example, if you're doing major construction, it's likely there will be several trucks delivering building materials. If a tree prevents the trucks from getting to your backyard, removing it makes perfect sense.

The Tree Is Messy

A tree that keeps shedding needles, seeds, leaves, or even fruits can be highly inconvenient. This is especially if it keeps dropping these things in an area you use frequently. If you don't want the stress of dealing with the cleanup, make the tough decision of removing the tree. 

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