3 Reasons Attempting DIY Tree Removal Is A Safety Hazard

Trees in your backyard boost your property's appeal as long as you care for them. However, no matter how much you care for your trees, you will eventually need to remove them at some point. The mistake most homeowners make at this point is assuming they can handle the tree removal process alone. However, though there are a lot of DIY tree removal articles and videos online, the process is more complicated than it seems. Therefore, removing your tree without the proper skills, knowledge, and tools exposes you to various risks. If you are not convinced, read about the safety risks associated with DIY tree removal.

1. You Risk Property Damage 

Before tree removal specialists start the process, they first analyze the tree's condition to determine if any dangerous branches need to be removed first. The experts will then calculate the tree's falling distance and angle to ensure it does not cause any damage when removed.

On the other hand, it may be difficult for you to accurately predict where the tree will fall without the right skills and knowledge. As a result, you can easily miscalculate the tree's height, or the tree may fall sooner than you hoped. So, you will be putting your property and loved ones at risk. The tree may also fall on your neighbor's property, and you will be liable for damages.

2. You Are at Risk of Fall Accidents

The removal process usually involves working from a height and using specialized equipment like a chainsaw. If you are not used to moving and working at heights, you can easily lose your balance and fall. Such falls can lead to serious injuries and sometimes even death. That's why tree removal experts invest in high-quality safety equipment for the job. For instance, the professionals will come equipped with harnesses, bucket trucks, and ropes. The experts will also create a safety perimeter around their working area to minimize the risk of life-threatening injuries from falls.

3. You Can Get Electrocuted

A major safety hazard when removing trees is coming into contact with power lines. Remember that sometimes these power lines are hidden behind tree bushes, and you may not see them until it is too late. Therefore, you can easily come into contact with these electrical wires and get electrocuted. Moreover, the tree branches you cut down may hit these power lines, resulting in fires or power outages. For this reason, it is important to seek help from professionals who know how to remove trees next to power lines safely.

Removing trees in your backyard without the right equipment and experience leads to various safety concerns. For instance, you risk exposing yourself and your loved ones to serious injuries. Moreover, it is easy for these trees to land on your property and cause extensive damage. That's why it is advisable to leave the task to the specialists.

For more information about tree removals, contact your local service.