It's Okay To Remove A Tree For A Few Reasons

Trees are living things. They are considered to be the longest-living plants, and many feel they are the most majestic and magical of all plants. For these reasons, people are often hesitant to remove a tree from their property, even when that tree is bothering them or causing trouble. You should not have to feel this way. You can negate the environmental impact of removing a tree by planting another one in its place. If you need a bit more reassurance, here's a look at some perfectly acceptable reasons to have a tree removed.

It makes a mess

Some types of trees are pretty but messy. This is the case with many crabapple trees. Their flowers and fruits are beautiful, but when they fall to the ground and you're left to pick them up, you can suddenly start finding that tree very annoying. Sweet gum trees, black walnuts, and Osage orange trees also present similar problems. It's okay to have a messy tree like this removed; you don't need to spend weeks every year sweeping up tree litter. Consider planting a tidier tree, such as elm or maple, in its place.

Its branches keep breaking and falling to the ground

Does your tree seem to keep shedding branches? Maybe this happens every time it's windy outside. Before you have the tree removed, it is often worth having a tree expert look it over. Sometimes trees become brittle and start losing their branches simply because they have not been properly shaped and trimmed over the years. An expert may be able to prune the tree in a way that minimizes branch loss going forward. If this fails, though, having the tree removed is completely acceptable. In fact, if you don't act, you may be faced with landscape damage, house damage, or even damage to a car.

It's attracting lots of insects

There are certain types of trees that are basically magnets for insects. Willow trees, for example, attract tons of moths. If your yard is overrun with insects, you have two options. You could have the tree repeatedly sprayed with insecticides, which does not always work, or you could have the tree removed and save yourself some future headaches. Most people want to limit insecticide exposure, so the second option makes sense.

It's okay to remove a tree for any of the reasons above. Contact a tree company, such as MIB Tree Service, near you to learn more.