Reducing The Prevelance Of Ticks On Your Property

Ticks can be a serious nuisance during the summer months. These pests can carry and transmit severe illnesses to individuals, and this can make it necessary for a homeowner to undertake steps that will greatly reduce the population of the ticks that they have on their property.

Keep The Grass Cut Short

Keeping the grass cut short is an important step that will help to reduce the ability of ticks to thrive on your property. When areas of the lawn become overgrown, they can prove to be very attractive to ticks, as these pests can climb on top of the tall grass, which allows them to attach to people or pets. By keeping the grass cut short, you can deprive these pests of this opportunity, which can make it significantly harder for them to easily attach themselves to a host.

Trim Bushes Away From Pathways

Bushes and other shrubbery growing along the walkways of your property can be an attractive feature that will help to give your property more personality. However, these bushes can also be a major source of ticks during the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, individuals may overlook this source of ticks, which can lead to this being one of the more common ways that a person may have one of these pests attach to them. Trimming the bushes away from the walkway can prevent the risk of anyone accidentally brushing against the bushes, which could provide a tick with the opportunity to get on them.

Treat Your Trees For Ticks

Unfortunately, the trees on your property can be one of the more problematic sources of ticks. The trees that are growing in your yard can support a large number of ticks. Furthermore, ticks can detect when people or animals are passing below them, and this could allow them to drop from the tree onto their new host. In order for you to mitigate this source of ticks, the trees will need to be professionally treated. These treatments can neutralize ticks that are currently living in the tree along with the eggs that they may have made. Unfortunately, these are treatments that may be needed multiple times over the course of the spring, summer, and fall months, as ticks from other areas may migrate to your trees after the treatments have been completed. Fortunately, these treatments are affordable to complete, and they will have no serious effects on the overall health of the trees growing on your property.

Contact a company that offers tick control services to learn more.