3 Options For Removing Trees

When it comes to removing one or more trees on your property, there are a few techniques that may be used. Which one you choose depends on the unique factors that are at play on your property, such as the age, size, and amount of trees that need to be removed. 

1. Full Removal

Full removal means that the trunk and the stump are completely pulled up and carted away. This method is best utilized for smaller trees that don't have a large crown or intrusive root system. In some cases, a young tree can be dug up with minimal damage, which is useful if you hope to transplant it to a new location.

The process begins by digging around the root ball, using hand tools for very young or small trees or heavy equipment for a larger tree. The tree can then be lifted or pulled out of the ground. The benefit of this method is that there is no stump or roots left in the yard, which can make landscaping over the area much simpler. 

2. Limb & Section

The most common way to remove a tree on a residential property is via limbing and sectioning. This method can be used on trees of any size, but it is especially useful for large, tall trees or those growing in tight spaces. 

First, all the limbs and branches are cut from the trunk. Your removal service may use bucket trucks to lift the tree techs to the necessary height, or they may send climbers in, outfitted with safety harnesses and rigging, to make the cuts. After removing the limbs, the trunks are cut into sections working from the top down. Each section is lowered to the ground using a cable pulley system, so the chances of damage from a falling tree are low. 

3. Land Clearing

Land clearing is reserved for when you have multiple trees to remove. This can be a full removal of all trees on a section of the property, or it may refer to the selective removal of just a few trees. 

For small, brushy trees and full clearing, burning is sometimes used to clear the land quickly and with little remaining debris. Other methods use heavy equipment, such as brush cutters for small growth or bulldozers for knocking down mature trees. Stumps can be either torn out or burned out, depending on what is best and safest for the site.

Contact a tree removal service to find out which technique is best for your tree removal project.