Commercial Businesses: Save The Trees In Your Landscape Now

If several of the trees in your commercial landscape look diseased and unhealthy, you may wonder if you can save them. If you take action now, you may be able to save your trees before it's too late. A commercial tree company can provide the care your ailing trees need for you. Learn why your trees look diseased and unhealthy and how you can potentially save them below.

What's Wrong With Your Trees?

If you did everything you possibly could in the past to keep your trees healthy, you may wonder why they suddenly look diseased and unhealthy now. Trees not only keep the air in your community clean, but they also protect your landscape from the sun's intense heat. However, a number of things can compromise the health of your trees over time, including root rot.  

The soil in your landscape should provide the water and nutrients your trees need to remain healthy throughout the year. But if the soil in your landscape becomes drenched or saturated with too much water, it won't be suitable enough to support your trees' roots. The roots will absorb too much water and not enough nutrients. Eventually, the roots will attract fungi and rot.

If you think your trees suffer from root rot, consult a commercial tree company for services now.

What's the Best Way to Save Your Trees?

A commercial tree company can do several things to diagnose the problems with your trees, including examining their root systems. If your trees suffer from rot, they'll release a loud odor into the environment. Your trees' roots will also appear dry, mangled, and porous.

A company may also test the soil in your landscape during the visit. The test helps determine how much water the soil contains in it. The soil will also test positive for fungi and other pathogens. After a commercial tree company completes the tests above, they'll take steps to save your ailing trees.   

The first thing a company may do is introduce more air, or oxygen, into the soil in your landscape. Air improves soil's ability to drain or release water properly. Air also creates small pockets in soil over time. The air pockets supply enough oxygen for the nutrients in the soil to thrive and grow.

A company may also treat your ailing landscaping trees with medications during the visit. The medications help protect the trees' roots until they can function properly again.

Learn how you can save the trees in your landscape by contacting a local company like CM Precision Tree and Landscape Maintenance Inc.