Have A Dead Tree In Your Yard? Here Are Reasons Why You Should Remove It

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners may hesitate to remove a dying or dead tree from their backyard. It could be that they have a semimetal attachment to the tree, especially if it has been around for a long time. But, you should know that removing dying trees is essential in beautifying your home and preventing unavoidable accidents. Here's a detailed look at why it's necessary to remove a dead tree from your home.

3 Ways A Residential Tree Trimming Service Can Improve The Appearance And Health Of Your Trees

Keeping the trees trimmed on your property isn't always easy. Branches are hard to reach, and if they are very thick, they can be difficult to cut. However, you can't let your trees grow wild or they could grow into your roof or power lines. Fortunately, you can hire a residential tree trimming service to keep your trees under control. Here are some things they can do. 1. Raise The Canopy

Deciding When To Prune A Tree

When pruning a tree, timing is a major factor to consider. Sometimes it is best to prune a tree in the spring or summer. Other times, you are better off trimming the tree when it's dormant in the dead of winter. What's the difference, and how do you decide? Well, you can start by considering the following factors. What is the goal of your pruning? If you are pruning the tree to shape it or to encourage it to grow in a different direction, that's quite a different matter than pruning it to remove dead and decaying branches.

How To Tell Your Trees Need Trimming

Every homeowner likes to make their home beautiful. Doing so involves mowing your lawn regularly to turn your yard into an outdoor haven. Eradicating weeds and shrubs also help beautify the look of your property.  However, tree trimming is one of the best things to make your space more inviting. Trimming keeps your trees in prime conditions and boosts your curb appeal. As such, to know when your trees need trimming, here's how to tell.

4 Methods Used To Remove Trees From Tight Spots

Cutting down a dead or unhealthy tree may seem pretty straightforward, but the challenge of doing so without any collateral damage is difficult when the tree is growing in tight quarters. Whether the issue is a tree growing right next to the house or in a small lot with little room to fell a large tree, there are techniques that can help.  1. Technical Rigging Rigging refers to the system of cables, pulleys, and harnesses that tree techs use to ensure their safety when they are far above ground, but it also refers to the pulleys and cables that are used to control a tree as it's begin cut down.